Mapd-table example?


I was trying to find a mapd-table example.It seems there is none. also don’t have a mapd-table example.

can anyone give me an example how to use mapd-table?


Hi @shovon -

Could you provide a bit more detail about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you looking for information about OmniSci the SQL engine and product, information about one of our open-source connectors (JavaScript, Python, Java) or something else?



@randyzwitch it’s JavaScript.

I am trying to implement a data table using MapD Charting, mapd-connector and mapd-crossfilter

there are some example on mapd-charting example page on how to make a Bar Chart, Time Chart and some other chart.

But I didn’t find an example on how to make a data table using mapd-table

Something like this


In this case, we don’t provide a customized library for making tables, as we’re using a stock tables library and the binning code is calculated using SQL. We provide the open-sourced JavaScript library as cross-filtering and our other widgets require much more customized JavaScript.

To create a data table, you can use this library or similar:


This might helps you a bit —

var allColumns = crossFilter.getColumns();
/an attempt at a data table/
var dtMultiReduce = [
expression: “col_name”,
agg_mode: “approx_count_distinct”,
name: “val”
expression: “*”,
agg_mode: “count”,
name: “val”

var dtDimension = crossFilter.dimension(['col_alias4']);
var dtGroup =;

var dtChart = dc.mapdTable(".data-table")

dtChart.colAliases(['Col_Alias1', 'Col_Alias2', 'Col_Alias3']);


thanks. it solves the problem.