mapD WMS map service



(1) Which WMS service does mapd immerse uses? It seems to be mapbox and I assume you are using the on-prem version?

(2) Can I programmatically (or manually using a studio like mapbox studio, or immerse itself) add layers on top of this service using leaflet.js for example and then use this newly created map (with its layers)?

(3) if (2) is true, could I use this map to then visualize it on tableau.


hi Dfernan,

  1. Immerse does indeed use mapbox as it’s WMS service to display it’s base layer.
  2. You can technically use any WMS base layer such as leaflet, openlayers, or google maps to visualize billions of points. You will need to use connector ( library and call: to render the points from the backend.

An example of this is which uses mapbox, but you could swap out WMS libraries quite easily.

  1. I’m not 100% sure about Tableau as I don’t know the exact hooks they allow, but it should be possible.