Maximum size of CE instance?


Hi MapD friends,

Does the MapD CE instance have a limit on the amount of system resources? I have not run into a problem but I am curious about how large I could implement a scale up MapD instance.

Your overview page says 1.5TB - 3TB of raw data in GPU RAM, “or” 10-15TB in CPU RAM. I assume most will want to take advantage of GPU, so I’m wondering if 3TB is a hard limit for you.




There is no hard limit on the size a single MapD instance can be. The balance between CPU ram and GPU VRAM is probably something that you want to consider. We have run internal testing on larger machines even going so far as to mount the GPU’s remotely using BitFusion to attach many GPU’s to a single huge machine in the cloud.
MapD Enterprise edition can run distributed making it is far easier to keep the balance of CPU GPU and disk without the complexity of additional layers. So scale up on single node as large as you can ideally, then scale out if more capacity is required.