Migration from MPP


Looking to migrate off Netezza. What are the prospects for using MapD instead. Any major pitfalls for such a migration? Thanks, ken


Hi ken,

As a first step, in case you havent already, you may want to check out the demos to get a sense of both the level scale and interactivity that is possible (of course, it’s possible to handle bigger datasets with more hardware)

As such, migration will depend on what you’re doing in Netezza. MapD and Netezza both are designed for analytic SQL so there is clearly overlap.

However, the devil is usually in the details, so it will help if you can provide any details of what your use case looks like - is it classic data warehousing or more BI/interactive analysis? Can you provide details (to extent possible) of the current set up - # of tables, volumes, existing BI tools in use, etc?