More then two decimal places in table chart


I am facing the problem of showing a precise value with 4 to 8 decimal places in a table chart:

What I got until now is:

  1. For decimal values “table chart” always rounds to 2 decimal places.
  2. I cannot use ROUND_TO_DIGIT to more then 2 decimal positions in a custom expression, because two positions are still forced in the chart
  3. It is not possible to cast a numeric ( DOUBLE, INT) value in TEXT in a custom expression in order to manipulate the string.
  4. This is a general behavior in Immerse, because also the “number chart” display max two decimal places.

I am currently out of ideas, someone faced the same problem ?

How MapD Immerse manages to display exact values ?

I presume an analytic dashboard should be able to do that as a basic functionality…


Thanks for your feedback. All the issues you have mentioned are part of our immediate Immerse roadmap. We will provide the ability to format a measure from Immerse shortly.


Thanks, mythili,

I’ll wait the next release.

Just one question, what do you mean with “immediate roadmap” ?

Any estimating of time ?


It is projected to be in Immerse within the next 1 -2 quarters.


Hi mythili,

does the new release of Immerse community 3.4 include the format capabilities for decimal places?

If yes, how to do that?



Measure Formatting is not part of 3.4 release.