New Feature suggestion


Hi MapD team,

I think it should be a nice and really useful feature something like a “Lazy Dashboard Loading”:

with this feature enabled, the dashboards would be empty loaded, showing all the charts and the custom expressions for editing, avoiding all the potential errors the can lead to a FAILED TO LOAD DASHBOARD message.

For Example, I’ m currently getting a “overflow or underflow” error that prevents the dashboard from loading.

I already solved the problem of “overflow or underflow” with a change in the SQL query involved, but I cannot editing the Dashboard anymore in order to change the custom expression accordingly.

With that feature I would be able to lazy loading the dashboard, do editing, and then deactivate the feature, making the dashboard load the data again.

You’re making a great work,

thank you.



Sounds like an interesting feature, I’m sure PM will consider it

If you are using the open source repo a new feature landed yesterday to allow you to export and import a dashboard from mapdql.

\export_dashboard dashboard_name,filename

will export the dashboard to a file

\import_dasboard dashboard_name,file

will import a dashboard from a flat file into DB for current user

You could export your broken dashboard, see if you can edit the resultant json in the flat file and then import the repaired dashboard.

i know it sounds a bit long winded and manual but i think it could help get the job done



Hi dwayneberry,
thanks for your support, I’m not using the open source repo, and I’ve just recreated my dashboards.

Good news your considering this feature interesting, I sadly hit this problem several times, and great feature the import-export in mapdql, it makes easier backup dashboards.




Another long winded way to solve your issue if you run into it again

Assuming issue is data related like over flow or underflow etc

  1. Rename the table the dashboard is working on to a temp name

  2. Create an empty table with same name dashboard is using (and same schema use \d from mapdql to get the required schema definition)

  3. load your dashboard against empty table.

  4. fix dashboard

  5. delete new empty table

  6. rename real original table back to original name

  7. profit :slight_smile:




Hey Dwayne I already got the same idea and applied it successfully :wink:!

From the other side, I’m getting this other type of error, much less interpretable:

Error: Exception: Exception occurred: org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 3, column 456 to line 3, column 460: Column ‘NaN’ not found in any table

And no tricks data-related had been useful.

I still have two Dashboards to build from scratch - if I don’t find any workaround.

Maybe you could just point me at better interpreting this error …



This error looks like a bad SQL request being generated with a column name being used NaN which does not exists. No long winded work around for that.

i would just recommend you try to identify the step that it went bad so we can try to reproduce and fix for next release. Save dashboard with a series of names so you have something to go back to in case of issue re occuring.