New MapD 3.2.2 Release Brings Geo Heatmap, Custom Aliases, Faster SQL Sorts and More


Hi all,

Today we are pleased to announce the release of 3.2.2 version of MapD. This release brings some key capabilities and performance improvements to both our interactive visual analytics client, MapD Immerse, and our GPU-accelerated SQL engine, MapD Core. You can read more details on our blog. Here are the highlights:

  • New Geo Heatmap Chart Type
  • Alias for Custom Measures and Custom Dimensions
  • New Text Widget
  • New SQL Support and Performance Improvements

You can download the newest version here, or if you have already signed up reuse your existing link sent by email. We look forward to getting your feedback, and thanks again for using MapD!


Great News.

BTW, I already updated to 3.2.2 but I am disappointed by the speed of the new GEO Heatmap. It is much slower then any other Geo chart with the same dataset of 34 Millions rows on a GTX1080 8GB and 128GB RAM.


Hi @camgia,

Thanks for trying this out. The main reason geo heatmap is relatively slow compared to other charts is that we are doing an expensive pre-flight query that does a subquery on the binned data to find a suitable range for the color scale (currently ± 2 std deviations from the mean).

In the short term we will turn that query off when the scale is locked which should improve performance when you want to set the range of the scale explicitly. In the mid-term we are looking to add some of the Vega Transforms so that we can dynamically compute the scale on the backend with one-pass.



Great, will wait for improvements.

Thank you.