New User for MapD


Hello … I have the links for installing MapD Community edition on Linux.

However, I have a machine with windows and Zotec GPU… Do we have an install-able for MapD on Windows.

As Zotec is not supported bu CUDA drivers and its not working on Linux … whenever I am done with CUDA driver install. reboot gets stuck. Thats because GPU is not compatible with CUDA driver.

My intention here is to understand and explore MapD. Any Help is appreciated.



What are the details of the GPU you have? Zotac (not Zotec` so maybe different) is a manufacturer of GPU’s which include nvidia cards. The hanging could be different issues. What Linux distribution are you installing?

Anyway, you can still explore MapD on cpu (no backend rendering) by installing a VM or dockers on your windows install.



Thanks for the reply. Yes it is Zotac 210 we used with Ubuntu 16 and also tried with Centos 7. I checked and its not in the CUDA enabled GPU lilst.

Few things if you can advice:

  1. While following installation step on my Centos machine, can I skip the CUDA driver and continue expanding the MapD tar file? I will go with JDK, EPEL (sudo yum install epel-release), create MapD user and then skip the CUDA driver installation. Jump on to Firewall settings and MapD application install with expanding the .tar

  2. Can I install MapD community on Windows machine ? If yes is there any link for this?

  3. With VM or Docker, Should I be able to explore Immerse as well along with MapD Core ?

Your help is appriciated.


  1. It’s better to download CPU only edition of Mapd Software you got with email, then skip CUDA/Driver nvidia installation
  2. there isn’t a Windows Edition of Mapd
  3. My guess is yes, but with a phisical machine you will get a better idea about performance of software


Thanks for the reply. I was able to install CPU only edition and now working on understanding various features available.