Node js MapD connector


when I am using MapD connector 4.0.1, a weird problem comes out. It is like

Why comes out an error of ‘skip not support yet’?

Any help? Thanks in advance.


Hi @bobofee -

The last time this came up, it was an issue with outdated Apache Thrift files:

Are you a GitHub user? If so, it’d be great if you can open a new issue at mapd-connector, referencing the issue I linked above. If not, I can open an issue. In the meantime, I’ll ping one of our internal JS folks to see if they can replicate the issue and figure out a fix.


@randyzwitch Thanks for your kindly reply. I have read the thread. when I run the mapd example to connect, it works well. But when I connect my own mapd server, it does not work.


Interesting. This suggests to me that your MapD server and the connector are targeting two different versions.

Do you know what version of MapD your server is running?


mapdql> \version
MapD Server Version: 4.1.0dev-20180815-68dfa2893f