NULL values are grey dots on Immerse dashboard pointmap, would like to not display NULL values


Making a pointmap. Currently if a row has a NULL value in the column used for Color then it will display as a light grey dot on the map. Is it possible to not display that dot at all? I don’t want to filter it completely as it may be a relevant data point on another map that I would like to display at the same time.


Hi @ncamp,

I tried your scenario but for me the Pointmap is getting rendered correctly with the right colors despite having NULLs in that field. I am using Immerse version 4.1.0.



Hi Veda, thanks for taking the time. I updated Immerse to the latest version (silly me not having updated!) and now the Color is behaving properly with NULL values taking on the color of the “Other” option (the column used for Color is a string value).

I would like to not display “Other” values at all on the map, rather than “Other” values being displayed with a default color. Is this possible? There’s no “x” to click to remove the “Other” category.



An ugly hack but throwing it out there:
You could use a CASE statement in Immerse custom measure to rewrite the latitude and longitude columns, to make all the non-desired points cluster on one location, basically making them “disappear” from the map.
For latitude:
CASE WHEN string_column=‘non_desired_string’ THEN 33.129567 ELSE latitude END
For longitude:
CASE WHEN string_column=‘non_desired_string’ THEN -107.252348 ELSE longitude END

All the points which you want to have “disappear” will cluster onto one lat/lon-- kind of disappearing.