ODBC Drivers MapD EE


Hello all,

I am trying to test if there is any significant performance improvements using MapD. I’ve already done benchmark tests using data as a Tableau extract (*.hyper) and am trying to do benchmark tests in Tableau using a live MapD connection.

I’ve spun up a GCP VM with the latest MapD EE, and loaded the data into a table on the server, but am not seeing any ODBC drivers anywhere on the VM.

Any assistance with getting this setup would be appreciated.


Hi @jfontestad,

You can use the OmniSci ODBC driver to connect with Tableau, it’s part of the Enterprise Edition only. ODBC doc.

OmniSci JDBC connector is available for the open source version. Based on the Tableau blog, there is support for JDBC for Tableau Desktop with support for server coming soon.

Also, refer to @aznable’s discussion on this topic of how he connected from Tableau to Mapd CE with the ODBC to JDBC bridge of Easysoft.

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Hi @jfontestad,

I can supply a mapd’s JDBC driver that works with JDBC generic data sources of Tableau, but you need at least 2018.3 release (never tried in 2018.3 but it should work, it is working on 2019.1 betas)

It’s far from perfect because it’s not extensively tested.

you can download the driver from here


to use the driver you have to place the jar file on drivers directory of your tableau installation (something like c:\program files\tableau\drivers), then select other databases (JDBC) as server connection and type in the appropriate url and specify SQL 92 as a dialect

If you will face any problem using the driver, please report back, and I’ll fix asap.

there is a known problem on Week Number with jdbc generic sources with sql92, but it’s a Tableau problem that it has been already reported to the support, so I hope it will be corrected asap.

The jdbc driver of mapd doesn’t work with tableau out of the box; I’ll do a pull request soon to include modifications needed to make the driver works, with tableau and microstrategy.
The biggest problem is the support for those datasources in Tableau is recent, so they are doing modifications on every beta step, so i have to wait for a stable release to be sure the driver is working.


Awesome solution!

Thank you.