Omni-sci server crash



I am getting this error when attempting to start the server:

Backend TCP: localhost:9091
Backend HTTP: localhost:9090
Frontend Web: localhost:9092
Calcite TCP: localhost:9093

  • sleeping for 5s while server starts
    ./startmapd: line 108: 6544 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./bin/mapd_server $MAPD_DATA $RO --port $MAPD_TCP_PORT --http-port $MAPD_HTTP_PORT --calcite-port $MAPD_CALCITE_PORT CONFIG *

Any clues what might be causing this ? The logs were empty and 0byte files.

The server used to run without any issues before.

Any pointers would be helpful.



Hi @benjose,

Can you try the following: First, execute export GLOG_logtostderr=1 in your terminal so that all server logs will go to stderr. Then try to start the mapd_server process, possibly pointing to your config file (if using one) using the --config flag. You shouldn’t need to pass any other options, assuming you are not passing any options to the startmapd script. If you can paste the output here or DM me we can figure out what’s causing the server to fail to start.