OmniSci 4.2 and 4.3 Now Available


Since OmniSci 4.1.2 back in July, we have been hard at work! We added a number of new features and product improvements targeting our spatiotemporal analytics capabilities, both in OmniSci Core and Immerse.

We launched OmniSci 4.2 in late October. Notable feature additions in 4.2 include a new LineMap geo chart that allows you to visualize and interactively explore LINESTRING data, and support for percentage (relative) views in Combo and Stacked Bar charts. In addition, we made several new improvements in our security model, and many additions to our supported list of spatiotemporal functions in OmniSci Core.

3-layer linemap/choropleth of the high-voltage power lines in the United States; small polygons represent each electric retail service provider in the U.S., pink area represents the PJM Regional Transmission Organization

Following up on 4.2, this week we’re happy to announce OmniSci 4.3, lays the groundwork for some performance improvements to using spatial joins at scale, and range joins. We’ll publish a blog post separately about this shortly. And there are several bug fixes and performance improvements, notably in import of dictionary-encoded data where we are now nearly 3x faster.

Stay tuned for more OmniSci product news, and our year-end wrap up blog in the next couple of weeks!