OmniSci for Mac Preview

Hello OmniSci community!

Please post your questions here on the OmniSci for Mac Preview! We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. A couple of points to note

  • This is an experimental build, so will likely have a few rough edges. Crashes, bugs, unexplained slowness all should be rare, but can happen. If you run into an issue, please be as detailed as possible - what were you trying to do, the query itself (logs and/or screenshots will help!)
  • This is not a supported product(and has no guarantees or warranty associated with it), but we will do our best to respond to relevant questions in a timely manner.

@Venkat_Krishnamurthy thanks for this great product! I was able to get up and running in a snap and view the dashboards immediately. One question - I’d like to access the database programmatically. Where can I find the connection information to the database that’s now running on my machine?

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Hi @kcpevey,

10x for joining our community.

To connect to the database the standard posrts are 6274 for binary connectio and 6278 for http connection; so basically you have to connect to the host name where omnisci is installed (or localhost if you are calling from the same machine) on port 6274.

Hi @kcpevey, for most installations as Candido points out, the connection port is set up in omnisci.conf (6274) - for the Mac preview, it is 16274