Pivot Tables support planned?


Hi, I love the look/feel/speed of Immerse.

The “table” feature appears to support only “tall” versions of tables (1 column = 1 dimension, dimension values always go down the rows). Are there any plans to support pivot tables?


Hi Jared,
Yes, pivot tables are absolutely a feature we want to get in and are on our roadmap. Most of the work to make this happen will be associated with the frontend UX design necessary to deal with nested horizontal and vertical dimensions, rather than on the database side.

We’ll certainly announce as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for checking out MapD.



Hi Ed

That sounds awesome. Do you guys have a roadmap published anywhere? I’d like to take a look if you do.




Roadmap is published here



Hi @juanschwartz,

Although the roadmap above is just for the MapD Core database, we will be publishing a public roadmap for our rendering API, visualization libraries, and Immerse client shortly!


Hi, dwayneberry. I want to know whether the latest version(4.3.0) of omnisci support UDF and vacuum or not. Could you tell me about that?