Point Map rendering auto limit 2M



I just installed the community edition on a gcloud instance with a K80 GPU and 8 Cores and 30GB RAM. I was wondering why the point map points limit is set to 2M. I understand that it doesn’t make too much sense to render way more points but I am just curious where this 2M limits comes from and if it can be increased. Does it depend on the machine or is there a config setting I could tewak?

Thanks! And this is really cool stuff you are building! I just started to click around but am already impressed!

Cheers Phil


Phil, thanks for the kind words! We’re glad you’re impressed. I’ve passed your question about the point limit on to some of our engineers.

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@phil you’ve hit an interesting case. The limit can be increased, but we’ve hardcoded that value to keep users from accidentally running out of memory for rendering.

If this is important to you and other users, we can make it adjustable in the UI and provide guidance on how to also adjust reserved memory. I won’t promise when, though… we have a ton of improvements already in the works.


@phil we’ve gone ahead and made a more general feature request around changing some of these hard-coded values to adjustable settings and exposing them in the UI.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick reaction! I think this will help to understand what’s going on behind the frontend especially for mapd beginners like me. Thx!


You’re quite welcome. If you want to understand more about why we put in an arbitrary limit, here’s some further reading: MapD Charting Will Only Render Exactly 10 Million Geographic Coordinates After Table Size Exceeds Threshold


Cool, thanks for the link!