Pointmap Missing


For some reason pointmap is missing from my chart types, does my data need a specific format or do I need to enable it somehow? (built from git source on OSX) …



Pointmap requires GPU rendering which is not currently supported on Mac. The MapD Core is reporting to Immerse that the feature is not available, which in turn means you don’t see the option.

The OS version of MapD does not support backend rendering currently. You would have to use the community edition on a different platform to get pointmap. We do hope to have a down loadable binary for OSX but not sure when that would be available.



Currently on my Macbook Pro I have GPU 0 as “NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB”, however the one thing I have noticed when doing other GPU related items w/ Tensorflow and such is that I need to have SIP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_Integrity_Protection) disabled to allow certain items to load from DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. However I have seen Todd Mostak giving nearly all of his demos on OSX w/ Pointmap(s) enabled - are they run in a certain configuration?



When Todd is presenting from a macbook he is using that simply as a browser to a Linux server running MapD core with backend rendering. The render is being executed on a remote server and being delivered to Immerse in the browser on his macbook



Just to be clear in understanding, even though mapd_server is using GPU it is telling Immerse we do not have one specifically for rendering? Everything else seems to work fine and if I do use mapd2-dashboard-v2-latest-master-prod.zip to another P2 box it seems OK. I just wanted to avoid having to move the data to the P2 box for testing pointmaps (but it sounds like that is case).



Sorry for the confusion. On MacOS MapD Core is not using the GPU it is executing on the CPU only.



Hi Dwayne,

Did you figure out this issue? I have the same issue (pointmap missing) with mapd core and mapd immerse built from git source on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.





Backend render is not part of the open source code. If you build from source you do not get the ability to render points.

Only Enterprise or community edition can access backend rendering.



That is probably something which should be pointed out more clearly at https://github.com/mapd/mapd-core/blob/master/README.md - it’s understandable what is done w/ regards to -DMAPD_IMMERSE_DOWNLOAD but no where does it state what the actual limitations are between OS vs CE vs EE.



Thanks for your comments.

I will raise an issue for the docs.



Thanks Dwayne, I guess I will set up the community edition.