Potential feature request (or may exist)



Is there a download button to download the data of a plot into a csv file? or a table into a csv? if not, it’d be a nice feature to have.



Thanks for your suggestion. We don’t have this capability in Immerse today but we will take this request into consideration and prioritize it.



Thanks a lot for such a prompt reply. If possible, when it becomes available please update this post, thanks again!

MapD 3.6 released!

Sure, I will update this post as soon as it becomes available.



@mythili 3.6! finally available :slight_smile:


There is an export to csv available as part of 3.6 release. It is exposed at the chart level.


I noticed that the csv download includes only the data actually shown in the chart.

In case of table chart, where a number of rows are hidden waiting for the scroll bar to be moved down in order to fetch next data, the hidden data are not downloaded.

This is not useful and even misleading for the final user, because she could believe that in the csv file there are all the rows, while a number of them are missing.


Thanks , we are aware of this limitation and will work on expanding it in the future.

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