Problem about RuntimeFunctions.bc


Hello everyone.

I compiled mapd-core-4.2.0 and moved mapd_server,mapdql and initdb into /usr/bin. Then i run mapd_server,it told me a segmentation fault. I moved the file build/QueryEngine/RuntimeFunctions.bc too, and the error disappeared. So i want to know more about the file RuntimeFunctions.bc. What is it used for?

Thank you.


It contains LLVM bitcode which gets called (usually inlined, to be precise) from the LLVM IR generated for the query.


According to your reply,the file is necessary if we use LLVM bitcode. So we must keep the path corresponding of mapd_server and RuntimeFunctions.bc. Is that right?

I also want to know whether there are some other files which are necessary when we run initdb,mapd_server or mapdql?


Correct, that file needs to be deployed alongside the server executable. No other files are necessary for any of the other executables you’ve mentioned.


Thank you for your reply.