Product features in Omni Sci in further releases

Hi Community,

Just wanted to ask if the following 2 features in Omni Sci are planned as part of future updates:

  1. An option to stay logged in to Omni Sci while a heavy dataset is being uploaded (at times, have to keep refreshing omni sci on another tab when a heavy file is uploaded)

  2. In Data manager, a possible option to see the names of dashboards where an uploaded dataset is being used in (sort of like a schema)

  • Currently, we can view the datasets used in one dashboard by navigating to the dashboard and view the datasets used to make the dashboard. Can the vice-versa be possible, wherein by simply looking at a dataset in data manager, we can get a view of all the dashboards this dataset is being used.

Would love to your thoughts on this team!

Hi @Shyam,

I don’t get what happens when you upload a large data file. Do the session of the database time out, so you are losing the connection to Immerse?
If this is the problem, you can increase the timeout of a session by changing the parameter.


The default is 60 minutes, and you increase as high you want.

If it’s immerse that it’s timing out, you can try to change the parameter.


This parameter is the web section of omnisci.conf file, and you have to use this format 1h0m0s. The default is 1 hour

I am not sure if it’s planned a feature that shows the dashboards that are using a particular table, but I don’t think it’s a super easy feature to develop.

Anyway, I will come back to you when it is planned.