Project questions


Hey there I need some characteristics from MAPD, I will be very thankful if someone can answer me.
I need:
DBMS architecture

Storage representation in memory (columns, rows, hybrid)

Compression mechanisms


DML operations

Diferencial Buffer, mixing process

Tuples reconstruction

Types of Joins



Transactions management

Cold/hot store

And Historical data management


@maupeon Welcome to the OmniSci Community!

From your title, it sounds like you’re doing a research project. Can you tell us more?

Those are some good, deep questions. I recommend starting with the docs, particularly this page for a high-level view of the architecture:

You can also go through our white papers:

If you want to help out the rest of the community, you could come back and provide some answers to your questions.


I just need to make a research document describing each of those points.
Thanks a lot for the info.