Pymapd: DB API compliant Python interface for MapD


Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know about pymapd, a DB API complaint Python interface for MapD. One of the nice things about pymapd is that it can leverage Arrow for both input to and output from the database when the python client is running on the same server as MapD Core. For example, you can quickly load data from a Pandas DataFrame with the load_table_arrow method, or you can select from a table with select_ipc and select_ipc_gpu. (Note however that these methods are still in beta and there is more optimization work to be done).

Please find the full docs here and let us know what you think!



I used it to write a query runner for redash yesterday :wink: (trivial work for unexpericed python programmers like me)

I saw in the docs some references to sqlalchemy dialect but I can’t use this api with superset because the api looks like hasn’t the proper interface/code to be used as a sqlalchemy dialect; am I missing something? I would try to write the code for a sqlalchemy dialect