Questions about Immerse

Hello. I got OmniSci Enterprise License and am using it.

I have 5 questions.

  1. When uploading GeoData(Shape File) to PointMap, I want to use MAP THEME instead of minimalist, but is there any way?
    For example, Demo Site can use various THEMEs including Satellite.
    → I will fix this by referrring to customization in the documentation, Is this correct???

  2. All DemoSites except TweetMap have banners such as logo(omnisci), DASHBOARDS, DATA MANAGER, HELP in the upper left, Is it possible to customize to remove these parts?
    Administrators may need tabs including DASHBOARDS, but from a user point of view I don’t think it’s necessary.

  3. The types of GeoData I currently have are Point, LineString, Multipolygon, etc.
    There is a Problem that MultiPolygon data is not uploaded to CHOROPLETH.
    How can I purify the data I have to use MultiPolygon data in Immerse?

The error I saw is this:
Importing Error : detect_column_types error: Unknown OGR geom type:5
Importing Error : detect_column_types error: Unsupported geometry type: MULTILINESTRING

  1. Is it possible to separately extract the created Dashboard as a file other than json or csv? (I wonder if extracting allows for instant filtering and interaction.)

  2. Can I customize in Korean? I would like to show all English parts of the site in Korean.

Thank you, Have a nice day!

Hi @MyeoNoh,

Thanks for joining the community forum and your interest in Immerse and OmnisciDB.

1 - When you uploaded any kind of geometry, you can use any of the themes when you place a Map in a dashboard, which is the default behavior.
You can change this using a custom JSON file for your maps as stated here

2 - Also, this is the standard behavior, and it can be changed, but AFAIK is not in the way you are asking, so I don’t think that’s possible to have one section displayed if I am a superuser and not if I’m a simple user.
Anyway, with customization, you can hide some elements like Data Manager for everyone and UI Settings for non-superusers; Please refer to this section on the documentation

3 - Actually, we don’t support Multilinestrings or Collections, so that you can import just a single type for each defined column, and you cannot import a file containing mixed and/or unsupported data types. I will ask internally if there is a faster way, but in the meantime, I would use a tool like ogr2ogr to filter out the unsupported datatypes.

Haven’ìt tried the command but it would work

ogr2ogr -where "OGR_GEOMETRY='Multipolygon'" -f "ESRI Shapefile" your_shape_file.shp your_new_shapefile.shp

4 - You can duplicate a dashboard to use interactively, but you can export in JSON format only; I’m not sure if I correctly interpreted your question

5 - At the time of writing it’s not possible to translate the UI into another language, but I can ask internally.

Bets regards,