Recognising GEO and lat and long variables


I imported the census meshblock csv data set.

After import, when I tried to create a point map, the lat and long variables where empty so I tried to go back to edit the variable types in the data manager. It seems like it doesn’t appear to have this functionality yet?

Then I went back to import the data again to edit the variables. However I wasn’t sure how to link the longitude and latitude variables for the Pointmap and Geo Heatmap.

Then using the Chloropleth the GEO didn’t appear to recognize the region names. It seems like this could be a bit more intuitive with descriptive variable types for long, lat and geo in data import, and for these to be the same as the dimension labels in the chart creation.

Auto- recognising geo variables such as the lat and long would be very useful.

I also noticed that in the point map the lat and long are measures and in the heatmap this is a dimension which is confusing.


about using Chloropleth in 3.x release please refere to this discussion; now is implemented as a client side and you need to add a geojson on mapd installation

i guess in 4.x release it will be implemented server side.

On lat/lon points, you have to import as FLOAT/DOUBLE or DECIMAL with enough precision; i suggest FLOAT because it saves memory, if you dont need an extreme precision