Remote login not working with MAPD installation


Hello everyone.

I installed community version of MAPD on our server and it is working perfectly even from the clients.

The only problem is that our remote login was working fine previously which is not working anymore after MAPD installation. Does anybody has an idea about it?

Is it that MAPD interrupts remote login or that we need the Enterprise version to fix this?

Any help is more than welcome.



When you say “remote login” what access precisely are you referring to? ssh? ipmi? vnc?

Do you have gpu’s in the machine? Are you trying to run X?

Need some more details to try to help. MapD does not affect any other port than the one you config for it, but I can see if you were changing cuda drivers that you could have affected something.



Thank you dear Dwayneberry. By “remote login” I was referring to ssh.

Yes we do have Nvidia GPUs. We are trying to run MobaXterm.

The system already had CUDA drivers but I while installing MAPD, I followed all the steps including CUDA drivers installation.

Sorry for delay, I needed to ask IT guys for about remote login and X which caused the delay.

If you need any further information about the system, kindly let me know.

Kind regards


Hello dear Dwayneberry.

I have replied to your questions above. Kindly help me.



There is no reason I can think of that standard ssh would be effected by a standard MapD install.

Were you using standard ports for your ssh service?

Have you done standard diagnostics to confirm your sshd demon is running and is listening on standard ports etc?