Rename Column in Table Chart


Is it possible to rename the column in Table Chart ?

In particular the custom expressions lead to a long and complicated column descriptor.


Hi Camgia,

Thank you for checkout MapD Immerse.

We are working on the exact feature you are describing. Namely, the ability to set aliases for custom expressions.

Expect this feature to land in Immerse shortly.



Something that might give you the result you’re after would be to create a View on the table using the SQL editor…

For example, I created this view with a calculated measure:

Create view view_pay as select Regular_Pay, Overtime_Pay, (Regular_Pay + Overtime_Pay) as Total_Pay from cali_pay;

Creating a table chart from view_pay gives me the measures Overtime_Pay, Regular_Pay, and Total_Pay.

I hope that helps!



Nice workaround Dennis,

although a native feature would be better in order to save memory for the additional dashboard linked to the view.