Request/question - google datastudio connectors


I know that it overlaps with the immerse front-end a bit, but I am curious if MapD is considering writing connectors to their database.

For example:



It is not something that has been discussed internally, and we have had no requests so far.

I would guess we would leave this to the community to decide. We would certainly help anyone who needed support during the creation process.



ok. cool :slight_smile:

Ya, not sure if we’ll try to tackle it specifically or not, but figured I’d poke around and see if anyone else was working on it.


It’s not exactly the software that makes mapd database shine; it looks very laggy


Have you been able to connect it before?


Never used google something; I briefly tried but having a database like mapd is nice because you can query very big tables having the result interactively (<0.2 secs).
I took a look to api for connectors but I haven’t find anything useful to write and sql based driver


Well, yes, that’s why I want the database connector to connect the viz platform to MapD. :wink:

The nice thing is that datastudio has more options for sharing and such, so being able to layer it on top of MapD would be quite useful. (not stuck with immerse only).