Resolution in SECONDS for time dimension


Hi there. I’m using Immerse for signal visualizations from machines and could REALLY use the feature that immerse could granularize data on seconds level.
–pleeeeze look into it. It would help me so much.



Immerse does currently support second granularity. By default it bins based on what it deems appropriate for the data.

Here’s a very small example showing second granularity

You may have to filter in on your data to get a window small enough for it to flip to seconds.



Hi Dwayne

I can’t seem to get it to work. Please see this below. if I add a Datetime value for the X-axis, it does not supply the option for seconds. Even if I choose “Auto”. If I just select “table” it will allow seconds, bot if I then choose “Line” afterwards it will remove the option. There is something odd in this. By dataset consists of 850.000 lines over a time period of 2 months.

Note : Some information has been masked with a clear box to ensure customer-supplier confidentiality.


you have a timespan of a month so the binning is working as intended; in a day there are 86400 seconds and a typical screen is just 1920 pixels wide, so it would not make any sense to draw a graph so dense, and it would be extremely computationally heavy on client side.

if you want to go to seconds you have to filter your data


Ok. So what you are saying is, that If I make a filter that affects the date so there is a smaller window of data, I will be able to see data on seconds-leve… I will try that asap THX!


yap, but you would disable the watchdog on mapd changing the mapd.conf file

selected 1 hour

selected 5 minutes


OK. Ill do that. Just out of curiosity. Why would I need to do that?


changing the mapd.conf file? to be sure the watchdog wouldnt block the query with sorting too slow exception


OK. Got it. THANKS! Have nice weekend. :smile:


Btw we have a enhancement in the works which would push-down filters into our expression range calculation when binning by numerical or date fields. This should eliminate the need to turn off watchdog for such queries and lead to even better performance.


Hi Darwin. When would you have something like that ready? January? Q1, H1 or sometime in '18 ?


Hopefully should be in the next release targeted for mid-Jan.