Sample file not whitelisted

I am following the steps on this page:

When attempting to load the sample data:

I receive the error that the file or directory post is not whitelisted:

Ideas? Thanks!

Hi Boomer!

Welcome to the community!

You seemed to have a found an issue with our insert_sample_data script. With our increased focus on data security, we require users to whitelist directories that are not within the default import path. Unfortunately, our insert_sample_data script does not download the sample datasets into this location. I have filed an bug report for this issue.

To work around the issue, here are the commands to whitelist the directory:
Edit: /var/lib/omnisci/omnisci.conf
Add this line in the top section above [web]. This needs to be a single line:
allowed-import-paths = ["/opt/omnisci/data/mapd_import"]
Save the file and restart the server with
sudo systemctl stop omnisci_server
sudo systemctl start omnisci_server

You can then rerun the script and continue with the documentation.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks Pey - that did the trick!