Sequence number


We are testing the functionality of mapd.
Does mapd provide sequence numbers?
The meaning of the sequence number I want is to automatically assign a number to each record.
It’s useful for finding specific records (or rows).
Does mapd provide that functionality?

If you have all the manuals, please link.


Hi @DTMN, rowid should be what you’re looking for. We use this from Immerse for sampling and point look ups for rendered queries but you can use this in other queries as well.

i.e. select rowid, var_a from table limit 10

I should note that we have not documented rowid formally as it is not official functionality yet and could change in the future.



Documentation is here

We have a concept of a rowid which is a system managed number unique to a row. It can be used currently but we reserve the right to change it as it is an internal feature.



Thank you for your reply. It has helped a lot.

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