Setup a TPC-H benchmark

Hey, im trying to do a TPC-H test, but im lost, can you please provide me a tutorial on it ?

Do you mean DDLs and queries?

Which size you are going to try and how manu gpus are you going to use?

I have ddl and queries.
I will test a 20Gb benchmark with a single card.
But i need help with how to run these queries. I need each query to run separately, but in the same test.
that test, i will repeat for 10, and after every test, i need to reset cache, neednt i ?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

We have something to run queries against an omniscidb and get results in various formats, but you have to install our python driver

You can get everything in our GitHub repo at this link

I don’t remember right now if it’s present on OS edition.

edit: just checked and that part it’s included into binary distribution, but you can download without issue from the github repository