Show Databases/Tables


Does MapD’s SQL not support standard commands like show databases & show/describe tables? I’m all for using the UI, but not being able to see what is in my DB from the command line is a bit disconcerting.


Hi @cmtoomey thanks for your question.

The SQL editor in Immerse is in beta now. We are adding functionality to show query history as well as allow you to navigate tables/columns of a database. The new version of the editor should land within the next month or so.

If you currently need full SQL CLI access you can use mapdql from the command line. It uses the usual Postgres metadata syntax like \d and \t instead of the mysql syntax (i.e. show tables).

Let us know if this helps.


Hi @cmtoomey I just wanted to give you a heads up that with today’s release (3.1.3) we now support query history as well as an interactive reference panel of tables/columns.