Single line url in mpad


is there any way to give url in single line in mapd


Hi @nagulan -

Could you provide some more context? Where are you trying to provide a URL to?



how to use this in single line like above postgres url


It’s still not really clear to me what programming language/package you are using, but please see this example line from pymapd, which shows an example similar to what I think you are talking about:


thank you i got it
and is there any way to extract( yyyy-mm-dd) or fromat from a date column
how to use date function for this


in python? you can format as you want


res = conn.execute(“select max(flight_timestamp), min(flight_timestamp) from flights”).fetchone()
print res
(, 12, 31),, 10, 1))

print res[1]

print res[1].strftime(’%d-%m-%Y’)

print res[1].strftime(’%d-%b-%Y’)

print res[1].strftime(’%d-%b-%y’)

and so on

How to extract date