Some bugs on geo heatmap


When I use geo heatmap, just rolling circle instead of error message.

  1. If geo heatmap is used with custom datetime range filter - my case is relative “Year to Date” filter.
    Frontend - rolling circle & doesn’t update.
    Backend Log - Error message. For example :

2017-09-27 16:52:07 ERROR MapDParser:processSQL:210 - failed to process SQL 'SELECT MIN(c.color) as minimum, MAX(c.color) as maximum, STDDEV(c.color) as deviation, AVG(c.color) as mean FROM (SELECT reg_hex_horiz_pixel_bin_x(conv_4326_900913_x(pickup_longitude),14054176.76913059,14244213.32537931,conv_4326_900913_y(pickup_latitude),4378923.089662205,4599652.835408547,5.017241379310345,5.793411321868314,0,0,582,676) as x, reg_hex_horiz_pixel_bin_y(conv_4326_900913_x(pickup_longitude),14054176.76913059,14244213.32537931,conv_4326_900913_y(pickup_latitude),4378923.089662205,4599652.835408547,5.017241379310345,5.793411321868314,0,0,582,676) as y, count(*) as color FROM mapd_trip_info WHERE ((pickup_longitude >= 126.25081799159744 AND pickup_longitude <= 127.95794542202833) AND (pickup_latitude >= 36.56700205556065 AND pickup_latitude <= 38.14304364010252)) AND ((pickup_datetime >= DATE_ADD(year, DATEDIFF(year, 0, NOW()), 0) AND pickup_datetime <= NOW())) GROUP BY x, y) as c’
org.apache.calcite.sql.parser.SqlParseException: Encountered “year ,” at line 1, column 822.

  1. Using custom SQL measure without aggregate function.
    Frontend : just rolling circle.
    Backend error log :

E0927 17:16:58.984472 2549 MapDHandler.cpp:2912] Exception: Exception occurred: org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 2, column 518 to line 2, column 525: Expression ‘amount’ is not being grouped


Hi @jude,

Thank you for posting your issues and for using mapd.

The first one is indeed a bug. I’ve filed it with the immerse team.
As for the second one, a ticket was filed yesterday to show that error to the user.

Both of these issues should be prioritized in the coming weeks.