Spatial cluster?



I din’t find any information about a spatial clustering. We are currently using SAP HANA Database system and looking at your great product mapd. We analyse currently millions of data rows and build a spatial cluster directly on DB Server.

Here is the documentation of SAP HANA Spatial cluster

I there any plans to implement this funtiaonality in MAPD?

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Hi Slava

We do not currently have anything exactly like the HANA spacial cluster, but we are looking at more specialized functionality as we proceed.

One very interesting ‘space’ we are working on at the moment is allowing extensions to a GPU work flow for additional analysis in place on GPU. Gunrock also a member of GOAI is a graph toolkit which you may want to look at for your functionality requirements around clustering. In this model the MapD ‘select’ would curate the set of records to be clustered, the resultset would then be left on the GPU and a Gunrock process would be initiated over this data to perform the required graph processing for the cluster generation.