Spatial data analyz for MapD


Hi everyone,

I started to use MapD yet and I get pretty good results about performance. I have a huge geospatial data that storing by postgres. I have 3 quenstion to ask you about these things.
1 - Can I use MapD for storage and analyz for spatial data?
2 - How can I store datatype like polygon and linestring at MapD DB?
3 - Can I write my own spatial functions?



point, poly and linestring are coming soon, but with still lots of testing to do not yet putting a date on it. Also this will have first set of functions, but not yet ability to write your own functions. Note that when you look for new functions I add the implicit requirement the code is well-adapted to GPU so that you see sub-second queries on large analytic queries. While it’s not so hard to get something to run on a GPU, it initially might not perform so well. These first few will give a good template for adding many others and we would welcome anyone who is interested and qualified to pitch in. Or if not able to help, you might list which functions are of interest, as not all make sense for analytic use cases.