Spatial functions and drawing line


Hi everyone

Can I draw a line by using mapD database? and if I can, how can I do? can someone help me pls?



I presume you’re asking about backend-rendered lines? If so, there is partial support for it using the backend rendering vega API, but it largely depends on your data.

What’s currently supported:

What’s not supported/issues:

  • Immerse doesn’t currently support line rendering.
  • You cannot currently import lines via shapefiles/geojson
  • If you’re using array columns that contain lat/lon (WGS84) coordinates, there’s currently no way to project those coordinates for rendering (if you wanted to projecct them that is). So, if you wanted to render the lines on a mercator-projected map, you’d have to store your arrays in mercator coords, not WGS84.
  • Rendering can be a bit slow depending on how many lines and how many total vertices you have.

All of the non-supported/issues are currently being addressed. A resolve for the projection issue is around the corner. The other issues will be addressed with the new geo-spatial support coming early '18.

If you have any other specific questions, let us know.