SQLImporter:executeMapDCommand:472 - SQL Execute failed - err 1)


I tried to import data from a Microsoft SQL database. SQLImporter fails with an error "SQLImporter:executeMapDCommand:472 - SQL Execute failed - err 1) "

If I try to build a tabel manually, I get an error as well.
I discovered that create table fails if a colum starts with a number. Example: Create table Test(Tansaction TEXT ENCODING DICT,1_Status INTEGER)


Hi @pthurnherr,

Your observation is correct, you cannot create table with column names starting with a number. I will file a feature request to automatically rename fields with invalid names.



Thanks for the answer.

I made more experiments with Colum names. A special character like รค or a dot is also not accepted in the SQLImporter.


Hi, @pthurnherr,
OmniSci Core table and column names cannot include quotes, spaces, or special characters. You can use underscore _.
There is more information in docs here and a list of reserved words here.