Sqoop export from hive to mapd



I’m trying to export data from a hive table stored in orc format to a mapd table but i’m having this error:

Error: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.hadoop.io.Text cannot be cast to org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.io.HiveDecimalWritable at org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.objectinspector.primitive.WritableHiveDecimalObjectInspector.getPrimitiveJavaObject(WritableHiveDecimalObjectInspector.java:49)

my sqoop code is:

sqoop export --connect “jdbc:mapd:mapdsrv:9091:mapd” --driver com.mapd.jdbc.MapDDriver --username mapd -P --table mapd_table --hcatalog-table hive_table

Maybe someone has faced this error?



We have not seen this problem but also have not tried from orc in Hive. It looks like it is failing to do some conversions on the hive side.

Sorry not much help, we do expect you to use --batch option when exporting to MapD but i don’t think this will help your current issue.