Startmapd doesn't apply mapd.conf


It seems that the startmapd with the config file as in :

$MAPD_PATH/startmapd --config /path/to/mapd.conf

dosn’t apply the config parameters.

In particular if I set a path for data (and dashboards) or the path to the servers.json for login settings, startmapd doeasn’t apply them: I don’t see my dashboard anymore, nor I see the empty login screen.

If I

Here my config:

 cat mapd.conf
 port = 9091
 http-port = 9090
 data = "/home/mapd/data"
 null-div-by-zero = true

port = 9092
frontend = "/opt/mapd/frontend"
servers-json = "/home/mapd/data/servers.json"

and servers.json :

cat servers.json
                    "loadDashboard":"Dashboard log"

starting with startmapd :

./startmapd --config /home/mapd/data/mapd.conf


I also installed systemd, and created a new user as CREATE USER newuser (password = ‘xxxyyy’, is_super = ‘true’)

: after full populating user, password and database in servers.json, I start mapd with systemd :

sudo systemctl start mapd_server mapd_web_server

but the dashboard named “Dashboard log” is not found.

But if I enter with the user mapd , the dashboard is found.

Why I don’t get anymore dashboard if I enter in Immerse with the new user ?



Dashboards are unique to a user currently. So user X cannot see a dashboard D created by user 'Y. Just to confuse things a little further user 'X' cannot make a dashboardDeither as internally it will conflict with the already existingDowned by userX`.

This is changing currently with object permissions, but may be a few releases out for general usage.