Test drive MapD v3.4 (for free)


The MapD Community Team is testing a new service: the MapD Test Drive. It’s a free, hosted edition of MapD Enterprise v3.4. For your convenience, it comes preloaded with sample data and dashboards, but you can also upload your own data and create your own dashboards. If you’ve never experienced the full power of our Core SQL Engine with the Immerse visual analytics tool, or if you want to see some of the newest features in v3.4, we hope you’ll give this service a try.

How does it work?
When you follow the link, you’ll set up an account and receive an email with a link to your new instance of MapD Enterprise. That instance will be available for 8 hours for you to test drive, but if you contact us before the time is up we can extend it for you.

What happens when the trial period is over?
When the trial period is over, the instance goes away, leaving you hungry for more. No data or artifacts are persisted after the trial period is over, but it is possible to save dashboards and transition them to your own long-running instance, either locally or in the cloud. Let us know if we can help you with that transition.

This is the best thing since avocado toast! How do I find it?
Please visit mapd.com/testdrive to launch your trial.

On behalf of everyone here at MapD, thank you for being part of the Community of users.

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