Things of Interest


Hi everyone!

We have some events and and such that I’d like to privy you to. Please let me know if you have any Qs or if me sharing these are of value to you (or not). I welcome your feedback, as I want to keep you in the loop but not inundate you with information which isn’t of value to you. Thanks for your time!


If you’re in The Bay area…please check out the following Meetups and know, we’re working on having it live streamed for a global audience–so please hang tight for notification around that.

a) Visualizing 100 Million Data Points Using MapD by The Enterprise GPU Computing Meetup Group

b) *H2O & MapD: GPU Accelerated AI Meetup

Webinar with NVIDIA: NVIDIA Webinar Series DGX for Accelerated Analytics

"End-to-end Computation on the GPU with a GPU Data Frame"

c) Blog: GOAI: Open GPU-Accelerated Data Analytics