Time Series - Rendering Engine issue?


I have a bunch of events data loaded into MapD. The goal is to show where these events are located on a map, over time. As such, I have a point map with all of the events plotted, and then a line graph which shows how many events exist at each hour of the day.

However, when I select a time range (by dragging on the line graph), all of the event points disappear off of the point map. Unless I select all 24 hours of the day, none of the events appear. When I select all 24 hours, or remove the filter, then all the events are shown. Why is this? Do we need the enterprise rendering engine for this type of task? If so, who can we talk to about pricing and upgrades? Thanks!

EDIT: More specifically, when I select any hour range that includes the 24th hour, it shows all event pins. When I select any other range, no pins show up. In the top right hand corner, it says 0 out of 2.4 million rows. Any ideas?





If this has to do with rendering, our business team is very willing to upgrade to enterprise. I’ve sent multiple emails to get that conversation started, but no response. Who do we talk to about upgrading?



What email address are you sending to? sales@mapd.com

Please send direct to grant@mapd.com for further follow up



Thanks! I’ll reach out to them. Do you think this issue is the rendering engine?


@mayanklive It likely isn’t the rendering engine. We’d need to see the queries to get a better idea why everything is being filtered out. You should be able to enable sql logging in the browser console using the function SQLlogging(true)



No I don’t think it is likely a render issue error.

I would recommend you look at the queries being generated in the backend logs to try to debug what is not being found on you filtered query.