Timestamp milliseconds?


Is it possible to store milliseconds in the timestamp in mad 4.0.2?


@HokieKev when you say “the timestamp” what are you referring to? Is there a timestamp in your data? Or are you asking about our date and time functions? We do support millisecond as an interval.



I’m loading timestamp values from a file into mapd. The time portion of the values are of the format:


In other words, they have 6 places to the right of “second”.


@HokieKev thanks for clarifying. We don’t yet support anything smaller than seconds, but that will be changing very soon.


Good to hear. Being able to support at least millisecond (and really microseconds) would be needed for some of the work that I am doing.


Hi @HokieKev,

Support for timestamps down to nanoseconds just landed today in 4.1, but is not listed in the release notes or officially supported yet until we update all of our interfaces (i.e. JDBC, Immerse, etc) to support it, which will likely be ready by the next release.

However, given that it seemed to be important for your use case, I wanted to give you a heads up in case you’d like to try it out. And of course if you run into any issues, please let us know!



Thank you.

Really appreciate the update! It is great to see the rapid progress in mapd. Some of the features added in 4.0 (like update and delete) really came in handy for my development/eval work as well.

Incidentally, I saw an interesting webinar from kinetica on their integration with Confluent/Kafka. I know about the mapd streamimporter, but the capability from Kinetica/Confluent allows integration via the Kafka Connect API - pretty cool. The idea is to stream data from sensors/IOT type applications to compare it against “data at rest” in a GPU database to do streaming analytics.