Tips on Windows 10 Install


MapD Charting is so cool that my teenage son got interested and decided to experiment with it. My son ran into a few snags in his install of MapD Charting on his Windows 10 laptop and I wanted to help him out. As he’s not in the same location as me when he experiments with MapD, I decided to install MapD Charting again on a different computer and write down detailed notes of every install error, warning, and fix I encountered. I’ve written this up as blog in case anyone else runs into a few minor issues with the Win 10 install.

In general, everything works great. Bring on the charting!


I will be testing this on a Windows 10 laptop this afternoon. This guide you’ve written up looks helpful.

install Python 2.7.x 64 bit. reboot computer to make sure PATH is set

Even this type of basic environment setup info is useful for me. Thank you!


I should have assumed that it was Python 2.7.x as the example data source is fairly old from 2014. I suspected that Python 3.x would not work, but decided to give it a go anyway.