To Cross two different sources bases


Hello community!

I’m with a big problem, maybe you can help me in this journey…

I need to cross two diferentes data bases in a same layer in MapD plataform.

For example, the first one is a measure of electricity consumption by region on the Choropleth Map (1º database) the second one is a database of GDP per capita also by region.

How can I do it?

Best Regards



Hey Francisco!

We recently released the Multi-layer Geospatial Charts feature. Sounds like that’s what you’re trying to do?

Are you using MapD’s Community Edition? The Multi-layer Charts feature is part of our MapD Immerse Enterprise, so If you’re using Community Edition, you’ll need to get a 30-day trial key for MapD Immerse Enterprise. You can do that directly in MapD:

MapD Community users can try these features by requesting a 30-day trial key from the ‘Help’ > ‘Try MapD Enterprise’ menu drop-down on Immerse.

Thanks! Aaron