Unable to login , 'has_object_privilege'


I just fired up an instance of MapD using the community AMI in AWS. I recorded the instance ID and public DNS, then went to login. I’m able to load the login page, but when I put the instance ID as password and login, it returns this error:

Invalid method name: ‘has_object_privilege’

I’ve used MapD/OmniSci a lot for a year and have never seen this. Advise?

EDIT: I tried changing ports from 8443 to 9091 and got “unable to connect to port” so I’m pretty sure the port is fine


Hi @mayanklive1 before we delve into this, can you please tell me the version of the AMI?


It is the latest version of the prebuilt AMI from AWS (pic above). I launched it this morning



@mayanklive1 Can you please try again now with a fresh instance?


Sorry for the delay, needed to get permissions to access EC2 and kill the instance and start a new one (previously I went through an admin)

The fresh instance works fine. Thank you!


Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.