Unsupported Features- Table updates, alterations or deletions


Hi all,

Going through the documentation and observed that Table updates, alterations or deletions are not supporting features.

I have following queries

  1. please let us know any specific reason that these are not supported ?
  2. Any plan to add in upcoming version?
  3. what to do if we added wrong record for a day in a monthly/yearly table?

Updates are not supported that can be handled in different way. we face this issue now also and solution is delete the record and insert it again. However in this case don’t know how to solve this issue.


Hi Sumit,

Thank you for your post. A lot of users have been asking for similar functionality, and I am happy to note that updates and deletes (optimized for bulk and not transactional changes) will be landing in the very near future, hopefully in the next release.



Hi Todd,

Thanks for update and we will wait eagerly.