Upgrading from CE to EE


I would like to know how to upgrade my CE install to a EE version after adding a Trial key in Immerse.

Immerse looks like this after activating the key.

But still says we are running CE edition in Immerse. (Icon and lack of EE features in Immerse tells us this)

We are running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS VM in the Azure cloud.

This instance is CPU only test on a D4s v3 4vCPU 16.00 GiB no GPU.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


ankan - looks like you were able to activate the 30-day trial for MapD Immerse Enterprise. This unlocks 3 enterprise features:

  1. Multi-Source Dashboards: you can select more than one source for different charting and visualizations
  2. Multi-Layer Geo Charts: you can add more than one layer in geo charts (pointmap, geo heatmap, choropleth)
  3. Auto-refresh: set refresh times for the dashboard

You can read the 3.4 blog to learn more.

NOTE: The icon will still say Immerse Community



Ah cool! and you are right im able to activate dashboard refresh now.


pointmap, geo heatmap is not present in the chart editor? in the example pictures on the blog etc they are supposed to be here, what am i missing?

Thanks again for the quick answer.


You are missing a gpu able to render point map, geo heatmap and other objects (the gpu helps a lot on database operations too)


You are totally right, i missed that segment in the installation guide. Thanks!