Video Board compatibility


I have a GTX1080 8GB in my current CENTOS system.

I am planning to increase the GPUs installing three additional GTX1080 Ti 11GB in the same system.

Are these two types of videoboards compatibles within MapD?



These two boards are compatible but the asymmetry of the memory size between cards may introduce a situation where all the memory on the larger cards may not be fully used.

We do not normally recommend (or test ) with cards of different size in same box.



Thank you, what about adding several identical videoboards, but mixing PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots and PCI Express 3.0 x8 slots ?


assuming the first pci express continue to run @16x i guess the dataset is divided euqally between cards so the performance of the query will be affected by the transfer rates of slower connected cards if the data isnt already on GPU memory; also the reduce operations would be affected but not in a significant way if cardinality is low.

btw i dont think the slow-down would be significant on a typical scenario